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Business Development

Get peace of mind around your business and systems. Business Development require a team approach – you must be open to working in new ways and making changes.

You might not want or need a full-time administrative staff member but you can still benefit from strong professional advice. That’s where we can help with our consulting solutions.We don’t want to come into your business and do what you do, we just want to help you keep things on track. To accomplish this we get to know you and your business, offering advice about organisational, financial, and management strategies. We can then provide wrap around services and implement solutions to help your business grow.

What exactly does this mean for you, well, below is one of my client profiles that has used our advisory services.

​Builder Client - Business Development Services Nelson

The phone call I received from his accountant was an SOS call! The client said he called 0800 help and he got me at the other end of the phone. When we started working together, things were quite frankly a mess. 

He was unsure of how he was going to be able to afford to pay his GST and there were suppliers to pay and other payments piling up as they fell due. So we got to work to help immediately.
He was unsure what to pay and what was due when. It wasn’t clear on what was owed to him and if he was even making money on the jobs. So as a solution we:
Setup regular meetings and phone calls

We setup office procedures for him so we had invoices and receipts flowing into Xero
Started to track his jobs in Xero and assigning costs
Revised his hourly charge out rates and clients he was currently charging labour only to and the lack of value in these jobs

Appraised his reporting and overheads as well as his debtor and creditor days
Appraised where he was now and where he wanted to be – short term, medium and long term goals
Wrapped it up with accountability and a support network


Now, 4 years later, he has purchased his first home, married and has a wee family. Business has expanded and he has let go of the clients who were not paying him, but costing him. He is out of the red, and has signed on a massive building contract that he never thought was possible. His growth is more than he thought ever possible, he has a team around him that he can trust and we are still working with him on a day to day basis.

Along the way there have been challenges which we have all worked through. Advice is always available as to what he could use in line with his accounting package as his business grows. Time taken to check these, liaising with his accountant and anyone else involved as and when required are part of the service we offer also.

​Other Clients - Sucess!

We have other clients that are similar to this that have required business development services, who have had different challenges and requirements so we are able to help them however in different ways. These wrap around Advisory services Nelson are designed especially for you and have made an immediate impact on these businesses we have worked with. So, for more information on how we have helped others and can also help you, Book now with Leah  and lets gets this conversation started.

Conservation Client - Business Development Services Nelson

Stuck and wanting to grow and not knowing how or where to start, we held a business planning session over 3 sessions. The outcomes included clarity around the business, goals, one page business plan and a real direction on who his ideal customers are.
This was his testimonial received:

"I have been in business for 3 yrs and have been working with Leah and her team at Beyond Your Numbers for almost all of that time. Conservation work and running a business is all about people and having a team to work through the challenges that arise. Leah and her team are part of the MAD Conservation Services team and have been instrumental in helping with all the challenges that can come with running a business.

By having a Business planning and goal setting meeting with Leah, this enabled me to unload some my heavy thoughts/burdens and put me to task by holding me accountable for the tasks that I need to get achieved. As a sole business owner, you often get caught up in your own way of doing things and often forget certain tasks, so having Leah and her team at Beyond Your Numbers backing me up along the way, I feel a lot more confident in myself, in my business, my aspirations and in the growth that will come from it.

Since the Business Planning and Goal Setting session, I have managed to upscale my business and now have had a large contract land at my doorstep which will enable me to continue to grow my business and continue Making A Difference to our natural environments here in Nelson Tasman".

Business Planning Benefits