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Make the Most of the Plus Icon

For our first Xero tip, we’re diving into the + icon. When you log in to Xero, you will see a little plus icon at the top right of the screen. Clicking this icon lets you quickly create a number of different transactions, such as a quote, an expense, or an invoice, spend money or transfer money. Quick and Easy.

Xero Files

These are found under your organisation name and are increasingly becoming another way to store information. You can email all sorts of files into Xero and your specific Xero email address is located to the right or your inbox once in the files screen. You can also take photos and upload direct from your computer. Once you have done this there are a number of ways to use this information. Store it in folders or store it behind an invoice you can enter from this screen.

Purchase invoices

When you have entered a bill, you can save as a draft and return to edit later, or approve straight away. You can also save and send for approval for someone else to view and approve. This way they will always see invoices ready to approve at any given time, be able to see the attachments and approve for payment.

Xero Inbuilt Calculator

You can perform basic math functions right within a transaction in Xero. This decreases the chance of an entry error, not to mention it saves you time looking for your calculator app on your phone.

To use the inbuilt calculator, just type in an equation—such as 30 * 1.12—right into a field. Note not all fields accept math functions, but the ones you would expect to do not disappoint.

View multiple pages

You can view multiple pages in your Xero organisation at the same time by using tabs:

  • To open a link in a new tab on a PC, right-click on a link and select Open a new Tab.
  • To open a link in a new tab on a Mac, hold down the Command key and click on the link.
  • Do not use tabs to view multiple Xero organisations.

Date entry shortcuts – a handful of regularly used

Today’s date – Tab t

Tomorrows date – tom

Day in the week – next (day)

A date next month – *(number)

Days after today’s date – +(number)

Next month (today’s date, next month) – next m

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