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More Than Business Coaching: A Story of Compassion and True Value

Leah Keown Beyond Your Numbers Business Coach

More Than Business Coaching: A Story of Compassion and True Value

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting with a potential client, a woman I had met years ago, who was seeking guidance for her business. As we sat down, I could sense her exhaustion and concern. Her first words revealed a challenging situation: a slow business with an empty bank account.

In that moment, I had a choice. I could have ended the conversation, recognizing that her needs didn't align with the services we typically offer. Yet, I kept the meeting going. This was a person I knew to be passionate, a quality I deeply resonate with. So, I decided to give her the half-hour we had scheduled, along with a comforting cup of tea.

As I listened and took notes, it became clear to me that she didn't actually need our business coaching services. She couldn't afford them, and her situation didn't fit with what we specialize in. What she truly needed was to wind down her company this financial year and continue her work as a passion, rather than a business.

But just because she wasn't a right fit for our services, that didn't mean I couldn't help her. With genuine care and attention, I offered her advice, guidance, and reassurance over that cup of tea. I even provided a contact in a similar field, followed up with an email, and wished her the best.

Why did I do this? Because at the core of our business lies a deep-seated value of care. We're not just about gaining new clients; we're about making a positive impact, however we can. Even though this encounter didn't result in a new client, it aligned with my values and left me feeling good about the work we do.

This experience is a testament to what sets us apart in the services we offer. We're not just here to serve clients who fit a certain mold; we're here to make a real difference, with a caring and compassionate approach. 

If you're looking for business guide that goes beyond the norm, that genuinely cares about your success and well-being, reach out to us. Let's see how we can support your journey, with the same dedication and heart we offer to everyone who crosses our path.

Contact us today to start a conversation that could change the course of your business – and maybe even your life.