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Taking the struggles out of running Your business.

There's More To Business Than Just Your Numbers

People have chosen to work with you because they know you have something special to offer,  so you’ve grown over time.

But as you’ve grown the cracks in your knowledge around business are starting to show.

Your business has been built on your reputation. It’s well deserved. You’ve worked hard for it and done the hard mahi.

You’ve always managed to do everything yourself, but now you’ve got a team, more clients/jobs, and more admin, it’s getting harder to stay on top of everything.

You know something has got to shift. You are just not sure what.

You can’t remember when you last sat down to strategically plan the growth of your business, and even if you did, where would you start?

That’s where I come in at  Beyond Your Numbers

Leah Keown - Trusted Business Coach Nelson

I’m your small business guide, here to help you navigate through the next steps of your business journey.  My skills in leadership coaching, organisational structure and financial management can help you define your goals, grow a business that fits your life, and give you a clear actionable plan to move you forward, profitably and confidently.

Come work with us as we enable you to build a better future

With our Clarity Coaching Service you will get a Clarity call or in person meeting, plus your personalised annual business plan and three coaching calls or in person meetings per year. 

Working with us is as easy as...............

We get clear on your goals, and define the next steps to get you there

Solution based problem solving.

We work with you to create a business action plan for you to execute (starting with a ninety day plan)

These allow you to get on with what you do best while we take care of the rest. Our trusted team to  help support you with coaching, bookkeeping, compliance and accounting needs.

Who we are and how we work...............

Who we are and what we do

  • Strategic Thinker

  • Solution based problem solving

  • Diploma in Accounting

  • Won award as Emerging Advisory Firm of the Year

  • Performance Coach for Netball New Zealand

  • Number 8 Wire Mentality

  • We speak Your language

  • Worked with a wide range of different businesses throughout NZ 

  • A small business owner myself

  • Outside the square thinking

  • Holistic approach to business

  • Straight up communication (I won’t beat around the bush).

  • We 'sit in the gap' between where you are now and where you want to be.

What you can expect when working with us

  • A welcome and friendly working relationship.

  • Clarity in which tools and knowledge you need right now.

  • A focus on growth mindset, and pushing through barriers.

  • A focus on building your business around its strengths. 

  • Identifying how to minimise the impact of the weaker parts of your business. 

  • Support and encouragement that you’re on the right track .

  • A strategic partner who can identify where the gaps are.

  • Financial conversations in everyday words (no jargon!).

  • Quick turnaround on all email and phone call contact.

  • Resources, worksheets and content to help you take action.

Here’s how we’ll  work together:

  1. We get clear on your goals, and define the next steps to get you there

  2. We work with you to create a business action plan for you to execute (starting with a ninety day plan)

  3. We meet together each quarter to keep you accountable, and support with any sticky areas. 

Client Organisational Review testimonial

Client testimonial from Oliver - OT Quality Builders

Our Painter Client Testimonial

Using Leah Keown's company Beyond Your Numbers  over the last four years  has been a cornerstone for the success of my company ADDO painting . Her and her team have been thorough and conscientious, always ready to help. Recently they have certainly lived up to the name Beyond Your Numbers as Leah has helped me build a comprehensive business plan going forward. Our first planning session was excellent as we explored all aspects of my painting business. I went away inspired about what was possible for me, my family and my company over the next several years. I highly recommend Leah for help with where a business is at and a vision of where that business wants to go.

Nick Walter  Addo Painting Ltd