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Customised Business & Bookkeeping Solutions Nelson

We are based in Nelson however provide a service New Zealand wide. We provide customised business & bookkeeping solutions designed specific to your requirements. Beyond Your Numbers enables you to get on with what you got into business for in the first place, finish your day when you walk off site, while we work alongside you to help you understand more than just your numbers. We are a kiwi business hiring local people. 

Benefits to You

  • Enables you to save time and money.
  • Have a better understanding of your business and systems.
  • Achieve your business goals.
  • Have clarity around your future business direction.


  • We discuss your goals and objectives and analyse your business systems.
  • Make recommendations and report back.
  • Provide customised outsourced solutions if required provided by our amazing team.
  • Provide Advisory and reporting based on what we have discussed with follow-up.
  • Provide Customised Business & Bookkeeping Solutions Nelson
Business Advisory


Get peace of mind around your business and systems. These wrap around Advisory services Nelson are designed especially for you and have made an immediate impact on these businesses we have worked with. We can also help you with profit improvements in your business starting with a Profit Improvement Meeting. Book one with Leah today

Xero Training

Xero Training

We provide personalised training to get you up and running.  We are Xero certified and Xero trainers and can help you with any Xero training with a safe and inviting space for you to come to and learn without judgement.



As certified Bookkeepers, we offer a range of bookkeeping services to ensure your business accounts are kept up to date and accurate so you can make timely business decisions, utilise our skills to build your business & understand more than just the numbers in your business.   We are your Business & Bookkeeping Solutions Nelson.


Payroll Services

We offer timely, accurate payroll services taking the headache away from you, ensuring your staff are paid om time and paid correctly. We use multiple payroll platforms including smartly, crystal payroll, Xero payroll, MYOB to name a few. Contact the team to find out more how we can help you ensure you stay compliant and pay your staff correctly every time!