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I’m your business guide, here to help you navigate through the next steps of your business journey.  

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Leah Keown - Trusted Business Coach Nelson

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Growing your business
Maximising Profitability
Improving cashflow
Management Reporting 
Job Costing and reporting
And much more.......

Join us to shape a brighter future together.

If you're struggling to remember when you last planned the growth of your business, or even where to begin, we can help.

That’s where we come in. Here at Beyond Your Numbers we’ve always been a forward-looking company, helping our clients see where they’re going rather than looking in the rear vision mirror of where you have they have already been.

Our clients love that we speak their language and make an effort to really ‘get’ what our clients and their business is about. With Beyond Your Numbers at your side with the advice you need, when and where you need it, we can help shape a brighter future together.

Cashflow management | Beyond Your Numbers

Cashflow Management

Learn why your 'profit' does not always equal your 'cash' and how to improve your cashflow

Business Coaching | Beyond Your Numbers Leah Keown

Accountability Coaching

Take the struggles out of running Your business. We sit in the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and help guide you get there.

Business Planning | Leah Keown Beyond Your Numbers

Business Planning

Learn "why" your business exists, "what" you can achieve and "how" you will achieve it.

Management Reporting | Beyond Your Numbers

Management Reporting

Let us help you find out what you want from your business and how to get it

Financial Statements | Beyond Your Numbers

Financial Statements and Tax returns

Understand your Financial Statements and Taxation commitments and situation.

Working with us is as easy as...............

We get clear on your goals, and define the next steps to get you there.

Solutions that help you reach your goals.

We'll work with you to make a business plan that you can put into action, starting with a 90-day plan. Our award-winning team in Nelson Tasman can help make your business dream a reality.

Get on with what you do best. We'll help you to grow your business. Our team is here to help you create a clear plan to follow.

Client Organisational Review testimonial

Client testimonial from Oliver - OT Quality Builders

Our Painter Client Testimonial

Using Leah Keown's company Beyond Your Numbers  over the last four years  has been a cornerstone for the success of my company ADDO painting . Her and her team have been thorough and conscientious, always ready to help. Recently they have certainly lived up to the name Beyond Your Numbers as Leah has helped me build a comprehensive business plan going forward. Our first planning session was excellent as we explored all aspects of my painting business. I went away inspired about what was possible for me, my family and my company over the next several years. I highly recommend Leah for help with where a business is at and a vision of where that business wants to go.

Nick Walter  Addo Painting Ltd