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Xero Training, Xero Cleanup & Support

Have you moved to Xero because your Accountant, Business Associate or Friend recommended it, but you’re a bit lost about how to use it?   Are you searching for Xero training near me and losing the will to live? Call me

Already using Xero and not sure you are getting the best out of this great tool? We can help you get the most out of Xero as a tool. Searching for Xero training near me? We are here to help.

We provide one-on-one Xero, bookkeeping and business training at our Offices or in-house for group training as well as zoom if needed. Our one-on-one or group Xero and bookkeeping training is done using your real life data.

If you cannot make it to the office, no  problem, we have a great space to offer online learning also. So, contact Leah today to book your first session and ensure Xero is a tool not a minefield. 


Welcome to Xero. We’re positive that you’re going to love using the software that puts your financials at your fingertips!

Here you’ll find everything you need to know to thrive with Xero. But before you dive in, let’s start with a quick introduction.And of course, you have us to lean on too, if there’s something in Xero you’re not sure about and you need a second pair of eyes!

We can help with everything Xero including Xero training, setup and ongoing services.


There are a myriad of features you’ll love use regularly in Xero. Take a look at some tutorials to see how they make managing your creative business and your finances easier than ever!

Ask Us How We Can Help You Manage Your Business Seamlessly With Xero