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While bookkeeping is done in practically every field where an income is earned, construction bookkeeping is slightly different. This industry is a different beast.

Unlike other businesses, construction businesses are often project-driven and typically manage multiple projects. This means the company will have particular employees assigned for each specific project, rather than ongoing workers. They are also frequently conducted over a variety of different areas, for example, some work may be done on a construction site, while other work may be done in an office. Further to this, contract length can vary greatly – some workers may be contracted for two days, while others may be contracted for months to years.

Due to all the changing variables mentioned above, it can be very hard to precisely keep track of cash flow; for example labor costs, material costs and overhead costs. Due to this, it is very important that construction companies hire a Bookkeeper who is specifically trained at working with the industry.

At Beyond Your Numbers, we have years of experience working in the construction industry and are well versed at handling everything related to your field of work.

Xero Bookkeepers for construction businesses in Nelson

Beyond Your Numbers is an accounting, finance and bookkeeping agency that’s located in Richmond, Nelson. If you have a construction business that’s located in Nelson, we can set up a meeting to discuss your business needs.

We are also available via phone or video call, to provide business services for tradies who are based outside of Nelson.

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