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Client case study

We recently enhanced a family-owned construction business, increasing its net profit by 120% in just under 12 months, with some minor tweaks—Even discovering new cash flow sources.

My client is your typical builder - family focused, who didn’t understand what his numbers were telling him, where his cash was going, or how to improve the business. Sound familiar?

Job costing, what??

Client: I met my client at an event I was holding and there was an elephant in the room, you know the one, where he already had someone 'helping him', he just needed some higher level help he said.

Sure, I could help, let's stay in touch. Over time we took over more and more work and eventually we have become his trusted business guide handling the day to day for him as well as implementing monthly reporting,  a business plan and quarterly guide meetings.

Trust in place, I went to work. I took away some of his spending habits, introduced some bank accounts to ensure he put away funds to pay bills, tax etc. - all the boring but oh so good stuff!

We then looked at his overheads and what and how he was charging out, eek, this had to change.

Fast forward less than 12 months since we had some serious conversations and the difference is phenomenal, even the discussions we have are so different. He holds himself differently and he knows his numbers! 

(His children now call me his work wife) The relationship is so good!

The outcome: With some minor tweaks, he has cash in the bank accounts (and there is more than just one now), net profit has increased significantly 120% compared to the same time last year, operating expenses have decreased 83% as well as direct costs - down 67%..........

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