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Value added to our clients

This month has seen great results for our clients making me incredibly proud of what we do.

Our first client

They sell goods locally and overseas. Her GST returns previously were not reflecting this and GST on sales and expenses were not correct. When we became involved we recalculated her returns. As a result - a GST refund of over 10k.

Second client

This client is a tradie and has retentions on his jobs. He was wanting to track these so I setup a separate code in the chart of accounts in the balance sheet. Now he can visualize what he has outstanding and this week invoice a percentage of what is claimable with ease. Relief!

The third client

He was owed nearly $3000 from one of his biggest clients. They had disputed an invoice on their statement. They said they had paid it, however the client disputed this. As this has been an ongoing issue for him for some time, he handed this to me to try and sort with the hope of getting the invoice finally paid.

After 40 minutes on the phone, I had the customer view the records again. I showed them where they had taken a credit twice under a reference not applicable to the client. The result? Invoice paid and not written off as first indicated to him.

The last client

This client is another tradie who was wanting to ensure all of his overheads and charge out rates were up to date and everything was correctly charged out. He was not aware of what his actual running costs were in his business. Was he making money? Charging enough? Able to give the staff a pay rise?

He was taking drawings and not sure if he was taking enough or too much among other issues. So, after working with him for a few weeks we changed how he tracked his jobs. We improved how he invoiced his clients and how regularly he invoiced out his clients for ease of cashflow.

We have started assigning all of his costs for his charge up jobs to clients. In turn this ensures all of his costs are accounted for and nothing is missed when he then invoices his clients. He has said that he now feels more in control of his business and has embraced the changes.

The value in hiring a great bookkeeper and paying for that service speaks for itself and pays for itself very quickly. so, who do you know who could benefit from this added value in their business, or maybe it is even you?

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