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Calling all Tradies

Attention all Tradies: I am your certified specialist in Bookkeeping and Administration. I can help you Gain more time, Grow your Business and Reduce your Overload. How?

I can give you more time, allowing you to focus on achieving your goals and dreams by taking care of all your Bookkeeping and Administration while you work on your business doing what you do best. 

Outsourcing to me will help you increase your overall productivity. This allows you to work more in your business, in turn enabling you to grow your business. I take care of the rest. 

How much time do you or your partner spend on your books each week. Now multiply that by your hourly charge out rate. How much of my time could you get for that value and in turn free up your time to either spend in your business or with your partner/family or friends together? 

I also offer one on one training at your place. Do you have a great accounting system but not really sure how to get the most out of it? I have heard so many times that clients have been recommended a system that will help their business, but not shown how to use it or get the most out of it. I can help here also. I am Xero certified, and have experience in other accounting systems that can help you untangle the web of accounting terminology and put you on the right track. This is helpful to you even if I work with you in your business. 

If you hire a bookkeeper in your business you still need to understand what it is we do and what is happening within your business. I work seamlessly with you and your accountant and can be the link between the two of you. I talk in plain English so you can understand what it is that your accountant requires as well as understanding accounting with the years of experience I bring, so I can relate back what it is your accountant requires. It is a win-win.

Check out my website for more information on how I can help you or feel to call me for a confidential chat. I have great testimonials you can refer to also.