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How teamwork helps you grow your business

When you start out in business you do everything yourself, try to learn everything, are everything to everyone. The margins are tight and you want control. However you cannot sustain this for ever.

It is not until your business grows that you realise that you do way too much and burnout starts to kick in, That is when you realise you now need help. As you take on more work that means you have less time to invest in billable tasks if you are the most expensive non billable person in your business. You could hire staff to help boost revenue, but that’s another salary to pay without a substantial increase in hours billed. So, what is the solution to your Administration and Bookkeeping (non billable hours) you spend so much time on and not do too well?

Not only can a good bookkeeper keep your accounts in order, they also help you scale up by taking a myriad of essential tasks off your plate. These tasks include: daily reconciliations, enter your bills, send client invoices, ensure you are getting paid, GST returns, helping you create your budget, preparing financial statements, keeping track of operating costs, ensure your staff and you are paid on time, maintaining accounting systems, ensuring you stay compliant and much more.

But how do you build a solid team around you? The benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping can’t be ignored. Outsourcing often frees up money and time for innovation and product/services expansion, which helps you scale seamlessly. The team you choose therefore is integral to your business and the personality fit is also as important as the skills. 

So how do you get this right? Ask lots of questions, have a meeting and see if they fit your personality also, (you will know straight away) what do you want in a bookkeeping partner, and not just the skills? Make a list.

Will they have a conversation easily with you, about you and your business and find out what matters to you, ensuring they actually know what makes you tick? Do they have a sense of humour like you do? Do they care if you swear like you do from time to time? Will they catch up on site for a coffee or meet up and get on with your team? This is important as they will become part of your team. 

Our team have an amazing personality mix, we know how to change the language for different clients, we have a laugh between us all the time as well as know when to work, and that transfers to our clients. Our clients are diverse and we can change to suit them very easily depending on who we are talking to without changing who we are and that can be a rare skill to find. 

Want to know more about how this team approach can help you in your business, we are ready to help now and are only a conversation away. Call today