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Let me tell you a story - Part two

Client B: " I need help understanding my business and evolve post covid "

Me: "Lets discuss this more?" We can help, however lets meet to see what you really need. 

The conversation continues, we arrange a time and book in a business development session which results in a further meeting involving all staff and my staff member also. Client B was sent away with some homework and I ran some 'reality' reports for him, came up with some ideas on how to drive the business forward and then ran an old fashion SWOT on the business.

The outcome from the following 2 hour staff planning meeting in our boardroom was honestly phenomenal. The staff participation was 100%, our ideas aligned with theirs and a whole new business idea evolved.

Now, two months later the business development is continuing, staff are happy, have buy in to the business changes, owner is smiling and the business is trending up again although massive changes have been made and money invested to make some major changes. So, it goes to show that with some great advisory, open mindset and teamwork, anything is possible.

So, what are you waiting for, get in touch with Beyond Your Numbers, your team of Nelson Bookkeepers and Business Advisors. We are more than happy have a confidential chat.