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This is the value of having a great business advisor on your side

Post covid our client was struggling with one product line in particular. This line was one of his initial lines he had when he first started in business so letting go was going to be a huge deal! We had an initial meeting to determine what was and what was not working in his business.

From this we looked at systems and ran reports for periods to determine a plan regarding product/s we were looking at in particular.  We then met to discuss some outcomes and recommendations. He trusted us to give him honest feedback and have his best interests at heart. 

From there we:
  • Set a time to meet with staff. Held round table meeting that involved everyone so they were all heard.
  • Held the meeting to go over an old fashion team S.W.O.T. as this worked for him and his team.
  • Delegated tasks.
  • Send a review report on findings.
  • Followed up with regular meetings and reports.
  • Have outsourced some more services to us.
  • Regular monthly reports


The client has more support in the business and the business has now grown even with a product removed. His gross profit in one month grew by 34.31% and net profit from $997 to $11,542 in one month!


This is phenomenal, shows the value of working with you over the last three months on this, you have shown me that as a team we can achieve anything, I am now ready to hire a new staff member as we cannot keep up, we have picked up more specific targeted work as we discussed, the staff are happy, feel appreciated and involved in the whole process. Thank you for your support and helping me understand my business that goes beyond your numbers.