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Bookkeepers Value in Your Business

I have written about this before in 2020, but this has proven to be highlighted again to me this week what value a great bookkeeper has compared to someone who tells you they are a bookkeeper.

So why can a great bookkeeper be worth so much to you and your business?

If they are accurate and consistent they will save you a lot of time and money. It is amazing how accurate your accounts can be when everything reconciles and is allocated correctly, then you don’t need to spend time trying to work out discrepancies in your data file.

Consistent coding, accurate reporting and real time answers at your fingertips, with a pool of knowledge to tap into, this is invaluable and in turn adds to the value of your business.
If you hire the wrong bookkeeper, the opposite can happen and this will be a costly mistake for your business in not only time, but also money and possibly your reputation, as has occurred in a new clients business recently.

What value can we add to your business?
We can make sense of your accounts and ensure everything has a 'home', is in the right 'bucket' and is reconciled. Just like your tools if you are a tradie, right, they have a home and are in the right place so you know where they are? Your accounts should be the same, but sadly an inexperienced bookkeeper or accounts person who justs wants to get the job done and does not care about the outcome will just put anything and everything to where ever.

This week has seen us correcting transactions coded to drawings that should be coded to wages, wage subsidy payments, cost of goods, tools, travel and the list goes on. Not only has the client not claimed GST on the transaction, but they will have paid tax on this also. This is costing them and the company thousands of dollars simply because processes are not in place to capture the transaction and people before us were too inexperienced and untrained to know or care.

Contact us, we can help

So, who do you know who would like someone to take care of them and their business, in turn ensuring that you can rest at night knowing your business is taken care of while you get on with working on your business not worrying about working in it all the time?. Get them to give us a call, we are friendly, here to help and most of all non judgemental to your situation.

Value your bookkeeper and if you aren’t happy look elsewhere and don’t be afraid to change for the value of your own business.

We are qualified, trained and certified Bookkeepers. If you are wanting help with your bookkeeping and business solutions, call Leah for a confidential chat today on 027 337 6029