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Sustainable Business of the Year 2020 part 3

Paperless office - Reality? Well, yes it can be.

All clients are advised to send or have their invoices and statements emailed or sent direct to Xero if on Xero or small receipts uploaded to receipt-stash.

I have even looked at clients who still have their PO Boxes and if they do not need these any longer, we have stopped these subscriptions as this not only saves money but also the unnecessary paper flow.

Zoom, Drop-box, Slack, email, Receipt-stash and teams are the norm for us in the office as ways of receiving and sending paperwork and clients are also educating their suppliers in turn.

One client has a 0 paperwork policy now, and this can be a reality for you too.

As above, adding resources to help my clients in their business is what I enjoy. There is no use saying do not use paper and not give them a tool to replace it. So, Dropbox, receipt-stash. slack are tools for them to use also. Encourage them to use the Xero bills email to not only save paper but also time and money.

All of the sustainability benefits that I can bring to both my business as well as my clients are not only adding benefits to the environment but also value to my clients as well as my own business.

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