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Bookkeeping 101 Help for Tradies

From plumbers to electricians, painters to carpenters, to builders and everything in between, tradespeople are undeniably handy men and women to have around. But that doesn’t mean they’re all that handy when it comes to doing the books.

As an qualified bookkeeper, I’m going to be blunt here, tradies are not known for their record keeping, bookkeeping skills and love of numbers. This is why we work so well together, you work on what you are good at and I work on what I am good at, a great team.

I mean have you seen the glove box and dashboards of some tradies utes? I have and it has me running for a solution to help us both.

If by chance you take the risk at opening the glove box, the crumpled receipts attack you from all directions. It’s my job to get this crumpled mess into working order – all while fielding some pretty curly questions.

Managing your finances can be time consuming and that is where we can help. The key word here is manage. This is an active process and it is best when paired with an accounting system such as Xero or MYOB or something similar. Xero is my favorite. I won’t deny that. It operates like an intuitive spreadsheet and enables small businesses to do all the major processes that the bigger companies do.

There is no shortage of information out there on Xero and plenty of people offering advice, training and setup, however, if it is not setup correctly, it is still rubbish in and rubbish out. You cannot successfully be both the bookkeeper and the business owner and outsourcing your bookkeeping can ensure this essential daily role is completed effectively and accurately for you.

We can setup Xero so that it matches the format your Accountant uses for your end of year tax return, then, align your coding to fit the Xero setup. Simple. The trick is to keep coding simple and relevant to what you wish to track or report on.

We can streamline your processes for you and ensure you can save time and money so it is a win, win for all involved.

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