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Unleashing Your Business Potential

How Our Workshop Group Can Help You Excel

Exciting News: Unveiling Our 'Beyond Your Numbers' Workshop Program for New Zealand Tradies

We are so excited to introduce our latest initiative, tailored exclusively for tradies – The 'Beyond Your Numbers' Workshop. Our primary objective is simple: to arm you with strategies and insights that propel you past your business barriers, setting the stage for unprecedented success.

Here's What's in Store:

1. Identifying Hurdles and Crafting Action Plans: We'll zero in on the obstacles, or 'rocks,' hindering your progress. Through collaborative efforts, we'll develop action plans with a clear focus on achieving your specific milestones within the next month.

2. Monthly Workshops: Picture this – monthly workshops where you connect, collaborate, and crunch numbers alongside fellow ambitious tradies. Limited to 8 participants for effective engagement, each two-hour session is dedicated to your learning, growth, and triumph.

3. Investment in Your Future: This program is an investment in your growth and success. In return, we demystify the complexities in your business, establishing a clear, actionable, and achievable Quarterly Action Plan. Our guidance sharpens your focus and directs you in implementing best practices for sustainable business growth.

4. Exclusive Facebook Group Community: Join our exclusive Facebook group – a collaborative platform where tradies share ideas, tips, and tricks. It's a community committed to collective success.

5. Risk-Free Guarantee: Skeptical? No worries. Our mastermind group program is adaptable to your needs, and your success is our priority. If, for any reason, you find it isn't the right fit, share your feedback within the first 30 days for a full refund. Keep all the covered materials as a token of our commitment.

Beyond Numbers, Beyond Limits:

We're not just about talking numbers; we're about going beyond them, and we believe you can too!

Ready to transcend your numbers and be part of this game-changing experience? Reach out to Leah for more details or give her a call at 0273376029.