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You are the Chief Repeating Officer in your business

Beyond Your Numbers Blog

As the leader of your business, you assume the role of CEO. The person running the show.

Embracing the role of the Chief Repeating Officer is a vital aspect of leadership often overlooked. Reflecting on insights gained at a recent conference, I recognised the necessity of becoming the Chief Repeating Officer, especially as a Business Coach. Here's why:

  1. Communicating Your Company's Vision and Direction: Your team and clients may not fully grasp the vision and direction of your company. Consistent communication is key to keeping everyone informed about developments, the trajectory, and implications for stakeholders.

  2. Highlighting Your Range of Services: Ensure that your team, clients, and referral partners are well-aware of all the services you offer. Regular reminders are essential to increase awareness and understanding of the diverse services provided as a Nelson Business Coach.

  3. Clarifying Ideal Clients for Referral Partners: Referral partners may not always be clear on the ideal clients you want them to refer your way. It's crucial to provide regular reminders to enhance understanding and encourage targeted referrals.

  4. Guiding Change Management: Undertaking any form of change management within your firm requires you to take on the role of the Chief Repeating Officer. Expect resistance to the old ways, and consistent communication will guide your team through the transition.

  5. Delegating Client Relationships and Compliance Tasks: If your goal is to delegate client relationships and compliance tasks to your team, regular reminders to clients are necessary. Emphasize that your team members, such as Bill or Jo, are the primary points of contact, while you offer support through coaching, guidance, and business planning.

  6. Reinforcing Standards and Values: Regularly remind your team of the minimum set of standards and values, whether displayed on office walls or culture cards on desks. This ensures alignment with your business's guiding principles.

  7. Focusing on Scope Stretch: Identifying and improving scope stretch requires consistent reminders to the team about what to look for, how to manage, and how to reprice. Patience is key, and repetition is essential for lasting success.

  8. Maintaining Successful Client Events: If you have a client event that attendees enjoy, stick with what works. Attempting to change a successful formula may not yield the same positive results.

As we approach 2024, consider what areas you need to be the Chief Repeating Officer for. Over-communicate with your clients and team, sharing your vision, values, expectations, and next steps.