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The importance of business coaching

Business coach | Leah Keown Beyond Your Numbers

Do you set aside a day in your business for admin tasks, billing, invoicing, quoting, reports?

How important is it to do this?

If you are not who is? And if that is you, when do you do this if not a scheduled day?

Scenario: Client and his partner have a family and they run a small business. They have a great business and know that business really well, however when it comes to billing, invoices, quoting, this is an area that they don't do so well. 

You see, they do this on a Sunday, after dinner, when the kids are in bed, and this was what they were 'advised' to do. I say this loosely because this makes no sense to me at all. They have a growing family, a business, family activities, the partner is working outside of the home, and they invoice with 7-day payment terms.

🔺 1st red flag to me is that the 7 days means that they are not really going to be paid until the following 'day or so' being that the clients they invoice are also on their day off on the weekend and will not look at this invoice until the next day probably and this pushes out the payment.
🔺 2nd red flag to me is that they are knackered after the week prior and the weekend with the family, they really need to spend some quiet time together and here they are thrust in front of a computer trying to invoice out and quote. What have they missed??
🔺3rd red flag to me is that they both have some time during the week they can schedule but don't they instead work on the business in other ways neither of them is and expert at and they are ignoring their key skills sets to earn them income and free up time. 

So, we make a plan, and put some boundaries in place, run a Gap calculator report and find some holes we can plug, outsource the resources locally to experts and find some time for them for family and business time. 

That is what we do, and I love to do to be honest. Do you have some burning issues, questions, or, like this client, need some independent guidance?  

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