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Sustainable Business - Business Trips

Travel can be an issue for me as I live out of a main centre or town and I have looked at the impact this can have, how I can make a difference in what I do and how I can still maintain my presence for my clients.

All trips now are integrated in some way with other business planned and one day a week if possible so I have reduced my travel days from 3 or 4 days a week to 1 or 2 days maximum per week. This has also made me more productive in my business as well. I have not yet reached the point in my business where I can stretch to purchasing an electric vehicle, but maybe sometime soon in the future. That would be an ideal next step.

We can hold meetings via Teams, Zoom and phone calls as well as, so not all meetings need to be in person. I work remotely for the majority of my clients and I have an office, so they can also come to me if needed.

I no longer travel so much, so do not use so much fuel, do not use so much electricity with the bulbs and we are planting out the creek and surrounding areas as per my blog last week. We live on a rural property so are planting out natives and  I love plants so it is easy for me.

I will be letting you know the rest of what sustainability means to me in my business next week in part 3 so look out for this.

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