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New Year, New Goals

So, have you set your goals for 2023?...

It's the end of the second week of work for us for 2023, and I've been thinking...

How many of us have set a goal and let it slip?

How many made a new year's resolution that we forgot about a week later?

How many wanted to start their business, make improvements, but just couldn't make the time?

I'm guessing a lot. Why? Because it happens every year. - Hence the term New Year Goals! 

The truth is, setting new habits and changing your life isn't easy. It's really frickin hard actually and you are not alone, you cannot in most cases achieve these on your own right?  So why do it own your own?

You need to try more than once, and you need support.

If you've fallen down this early in the year, you have another hundred, thousand chances to get back in the game and start again, not succeeding the first time does not amount to failure, it only means you need to try again, try something new, need support and get back up and go again. 

These are your goals and they need to feel good to you, not anyone else. Make sure your goals are things that you feel truly passionate about, ensure you set achievable targets and targets that you can truly visualise yourself getting to so you make it.

So even if you were to set yourself one goal or resolution for 2023 – What would that look like, what would it be?

Say it out loud, share it with someone and make it happen! If you need help to make them a reality, contact Leah to have a chat about helping making your goals a reality.