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Builder Client 

My client is your typical builder - family focused, who didn’t understand what his numbers were telling him, where his cash was going, or how to improve the business. Sound familiar?

Job costing, what??

Client: I met my client at an event I was holding and there was an elephant in the room, you know the one, where he already had someone 'helping him', he just needed some higher level help he said.

Sure, I could help, lets stay in touch and we did. Over time we took over more and more work and eventually we have become his trusted business guide handling the day to day for him as well as implementing monthly reporting,  a business plan and quarterly guide meetings.

Trust in place, I went to work. I took away some of his spending habits, introduced some bank accounts to ensure he put away funds to pay bills, tax etc - all the boring but oh so good stuff!

We then looked at his overheads and what and how he was charging out, eek, this had to change and it did. Fast forward less than 12 months since we had some serious conversations and the difference is phenomenal, even the discussions we have are so different. He holds himself differently and he knows his numbers! 

(His children now call me his work wife) The relationship is so good!


With some minor tweaks, he has cash in the bank accounts (and there is more than just one now), net profit has increased significantly 120% compared to the same time last year, operating expenses have decreased 83% as well as direct costs - down 67%..........

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Beyond Your Numbers your tradie specialist

Hospitality client

  • We had an initial meeting to determine what was and what was not working in his business. (had already setup tracking in business)

  • Looked at current systems and ran reports for periods to determine a plan regarding a product/s we were looking at in particular.

  • Met to discuss some outcomes and recommendations.

  • Round table meeting with staff and completed an open meeting analysis.

  • Held a team SWOT as this worked for him and his team.

  • Completed and sent review report on findings.

  • Followed up with regular meetings and reports.

  • Have contracted out some more services to us.

  • Regular monthly reports and cashflows vs budgets created. 

Business has since been sold which is something the business owner never thought possible and would not have been had we not held Financial Awareness Coaching sessions with him.


The client has more support in the business. knows the opportunities and bottlenecks and the business has now grown even with a product removed.

His gross profit in one month increased by 95.31% and net profit from -$(1671) to $13,278 in one month!

After 6 months the business was in a position to be sale-able after not being attractive for sale previous to this for over 18 months.

Although losing a client was sad, it was so pleasing to see him succeed and sell his business and move onto other ventures.

Builder Client 

The phone call I received from his accountant was an SOS call! The client said he called 0800 help and he got me at the other end of the phone. When we started working together, things were quite frankly a mess. 

He was unsure of how he was going to be able to afford to pay his GST and there were suppliers to pay and other payments piling up as they fell due. So we got to work to help immediately.

He was unsure what to pay and what was due when. It wasn’t clear on what was owed to him and if he was even making money on the jobs.

So as a solution we:

  • Setup regular meetings and phone calls.

  • Setup office procedures for him so we had invoices and receipts flowing into Xero.

  • Started to track his jobs in Xero and assigning costs.

  • Revised his hourly charge out rates and clients he was currently charging labour only to and showed the lack of value in these jobs.

  • Appraised his reporting and overheads as well as his debtor and creditor days.

  • Appraised where he was now and where he wanted to be – short term, medium and long term goals.

  • Wrapped it up with accountability and a support network.


Fast forward 6 years and he has bought his second family home, is married with a lovely family. His business has grown, and he has stopped giving time to clients who weren't paying him and were costing him. He is now making money and has recently won a huge building contract, which he never thought he'd be able to do. He has achieved more than he ever thought possible, has a team he can rely on, and we're privileged to still be helping him on a daily basis.

We have worked together to overcome difficulties. He regularly gets advice on how he could update his business plan as his business expands. We also help with reviewing these changes, and work with his accountant and other relevant parties when needed.

Beyond Your Numbers your tradie specialist

Conservation Client

Stuck and wanting to grow and not knowing how or where to start, we held a business planning session over 3 sessions. The outcomes included clarity around the business, goals, one page business plan and a real direction on who his ideal customers are.

Client testimonial 

"I have been in business for 3 yrs and have been working with Leah and her team at Beyond Your Numbers for almost all of that time. Conservation work and running a business is all about people and having a team to work through the challenges that arise. Leah and her team are part of the MAD Conservation Services team and have been instrumental in helping with all the challenges that can come with running a business.

By having a Business planning and goal setting meeting with Leah, this enabled me to unload some my heavy thoughts/burdens and put me to task by holding me accountable for the tasks that I need to get achieved. As a sole business owner, you often get caught up in your own way of doing things and often forget certain tasks, so having Leah and her team at Beyond Your Numbers backing me up along the way, I feel a lot more confident in myself, in my business, my aspirations and in the growth that will come from it.

Since the Business Planning and Goal Setting session, I have managed to upscale my business and now have had a large contract land at my doorstep which will enable me to continue to grow my business and continue Making A Difference to our natural environments here in Nelson Tasman".


Since the Business Planning and Goal Setting session, I have managed to upscale my business and now have had a large contract land at my doorstep which will enable me to continue to grow my business and continue Making A Difference to our natural environments here in Nelson Tasman".

Other Clients - Success!

We have other clients that are similar to this that have required business development services, who have had different challenges and requirements so we are able to help them however in different ways. These wrap around Advisory services Nelson are designed especially for you and have made an immediate impact on these businesses we have worked with. So, for more information on how we have helped others and can also help you, Book now with Leah  and lets gets this conversation started.

Beyond Your Numbers Coaching Service

Virtual CFO

As the owner of Chocolate Velvet (at the time) we had used BYN for 4 years. In the time we had with Leah we had a very clear understanding of the business at any time. Leah and the team have been amazing to work with, from general bookkeeping, payroll, gst, paying suppliers to strategic planning and business coaching.

As covid hit us hard we had to change the way we worked, consulting with Leah team we were able to put a plan in place to over come the hard times and staffing issues (which Leah was heavily involved in), meeting with staff and even hiring.

I would encourage any business owner that wants more from their business and more free time to meet with Leah and team to understand how amazing the service is.

Phil Lash

Business planning

From a client I have had for over 4 years, he is a tradie and has ADHD.

His comments were that he was always looking for beyond the numbers stuff but did not have the courage to ask for further help, everyone else has always just focused on the bottom line with him and he knows we know there is more to business than that and he needed more than that.

Coming to the office, seeing my values on the wall and discussing these in the planning session, referring back to what I was trying to get from him, allowed him to paint the big picture in his head, overcome his fear, he knows I wont bullshit him, and he said he found me to be truly inspirational.

Business Services

When I started my current business - Penati Crackers - I decided that I wanted the flexibility to be able to work from anywhere in the world. Part of this process was having a good bookkeeper to attend to the accounting tasks like GST, tax payments, and other issues that pop up from time to time.

My first bookkeeping company didn't work out too well and after about 8 months I started looking for a new company that would meet my expectations.

And low and behold, Leah Keown popped up one day. I've been thrilled with her service, knowledge on Xero and other bookkeeping practises and her ability to get things done in a timely and cost effective manner.

Leah has literally saved me thousands of dollars per year by speeding up processes and thereby charging less time.

I'm particularly relieved that when I can't do my sales and invoicing for a day, or if I want a break for a week or two Leah can step in at short notice and perform these tasks seamlessly.

If your books are keeping you awake at night - give Leah a call, she's incredibly professional, practical and approachable.

Don Grant

Business Development

Leah and the Beyond Your Numbers team have helped us in measurable ways in the short time we have been working with them.

We have actioned a number of positive changes which have been due to her input. Even after many years in business, there were things we just weren't doing well. We are on the path to having better systems in place to cope with the day to day running of our business and to be able to spend less time doing bookwork!

Jane Murray