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Our Why: Taking struggles out of running a business

Our Team is what makes us special 

We care about you and your business, you are important to us as are your family and what makes you tick. You are not just another client or a number when you join our team and will feel part of our family as we walk beside you actively growing your business along the way.

Our team specialise in customised business, which can include a solution for you such as inventory solutions,  bookkeeping, advisory, Xero Training and Xero cleanup, sales, payroll, debtor and supplier management and are fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of business.

Because life is too short to spend time on your books, let us take care of these for you.

Our Mission: To help you understand and grow your business by providing uncompromising service and reliability with innovative solutions and business insights so you can gain more time and feel more in control of your business.

Our Team and Our Story

Beyond Your Numbers was founded with one simple purpose:

To Enable you to work more on your business while we work alongside you as you grow to understand more than just your numbers.

  1. Time Freedom - We give you more time and energy for you to work on your business, spend time with family or on your hobbies.
  2. Mind Freedom - we provide you with accurate, understandable information presented timely and communicated in your language.
  3. Money Freedom - Our services allow you to work more on your business while we help you grow it, coaching and advising you along the way by your side to master your finances and level your business.

This is not my natural set, I am naturally shy, so to put myself out there is hard. I am not one to stand up and put myself in front of the computer,  I normally sit alongside my clients and staff, however in this case for you to know me and my 'why', here goes:

I started my own business with the support and encouragement from previous employers as they believed in my abilities and encouraged me to go for it!. My why is "Taking struggles out of running a business" and this encompasses all you are, and something I am passionate about. 

I have honest conversations with my clients, I listen to them and this ensures we challenge your thinking, what are you doing now, who you are and what you need to do to be successful.

I hold a Diploma in Accounting, am a certified and qualified bookkeeper and am a member of ICNZB as well as a Performance Coach with Netball New Zealand.

You will find me in the garden on the weekend as much as time allows especially in the netball off season, or soaking up the amazing outdoors on offer in the Nelson Tasman area. I’m often out on my road bike or being outdoors in general. My husband is my biggest supporter and along with twin girls and two grand babies we have many things to fill our days, challenges aside, we love what we do.

I am not your normal bookkeeper, accountant or business advisor, so who am I? I am your business guide, your coach and your confidant, your first phone call, always by your side to ensure you will be the best you were meant to be. 

My Skydive on my 50th

Financial Coaching
Netball Coaching

Business development

Meet Kat

Kat has worked in various accounts roles for the past 15 years, here in New Zealand and Australia and we are extremely proud to have her as part of our team. 

Kat enjoys solving problems, thinking outside of the box and streamlining systems.

She has a wonderful partner and two girls who as she says "I love spending time with".  Another love is walking our dogs and café hoping on the weekend.

 Passionate about :

Cooking and healthy eating, Love coffee!

Gardening. Shopping, Animals and Travelling

 Watch out, Kat has a BA in Sociology and has started her accounting degree. Come by meet her in the office or contact her below.

As a business - Our Team Nelson

As a business and individual, I also support the Nelson/Tasman branch of Big Brothers Big Sisters, taking time out to spend time as a big sister to a very cool little girl in Tasman every week, this is a great way to give back and get out of the office too.

Netball is my passion and I am also a netball coach and mentor, mentoring both coaches and players within this role, being a performance coach having trained with Netball New Zealand and Netball Mainland zone over the years, is hugely important to me and something that gives me pleasure watching others benefit from and grow as players and people.

Values | Beyond Your Numberss

Our Values

The values at the heart of Beyond Your Numbers, shared with our staff and the kind of businesses we work with