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Our Why: Taking struggles out of running Your business

Meet Leah 
Your Business Guide

Hi, I am Leah, some would say (as my marketing coach does) I am your business coach, however my clients call me their guide and these are some of the reasons why. 

I sit alongside my clients, guiding them in their business journey, so when you work with me, I will work alongside you as we navigate this journey together. 

I have honest conversations with my clients, I listen to them and this ensures we challenge your thinking, We sit 'in the gap' between where you are now and where you want you be in your business journey and help guide you along the way.

I am not your normal bookkeeper, accountant or business advisor, so who am I? I am your business guide, your coach and your confidant, your first phone call, always by your side to ensure you will be the best you were meant to be. 

You will find me in the garden on the weekend as much as time allows especially in the netball off season, or soaking up the amazing outdoors on offer in the Nelson Tasman area. I love being outdoors in general. My husband is my biggest supporter and along with adult twin girls and two grand babies we have many things to fill our days, challenges aside, I love what I do.

I hold a Diploma in Accounting, am a certified and qualified bookkeeper and am a member of Atainz as well as a Performance Coach with Netball New Zealand.

Accounting Services Beyond Your Numbers

Meet Haydn - Our Awesome Accountant

Having owned his own business previously, Haydn has decided he wants a more relaxed lifestyle now in Nelson/Tasman, so we luckily have him on board. 

Haydn loves travelling, biking and dancing, even has been known to have a twirl in the office from time to time.

He is an amazing teacher and so patient. I feel incredibly lucky to have Haydn on our team.

As a business guide and coach - Nelson Tasman

Netball is my passion and I am also a netball coach and mentor, mentoring both coaches and players within this role, being a performance coach having trained with Netball New Zealand and Netball Mainland zone over the years, is hugely important to me and something that gives me pleasure watching others benefit from and grow as players and people.

This flows into business as well and how I coach and guide my clients. This has been the feedback from clients over the years and is why I love what I do in business as well.

Values | Beyond Your Numberss

Our Values

The values at the heart of Beyond Your Numbers, these are shared with our staff and the businesses we work with

Our Team is what makes us special 

Our Vision: To guide your progress and empower you to succeed.

We care about you and your business. You are not just another client or a number when you join our team. Instead, you will feel part of our family environment as we walk beside you, actively growing your business along the way.

Specialising in customised business solutions,  With our tailored business solutions, we can aid you in all aspects of your business. 

Our Team and Our Story

Beyond Your Numbers was founded with one simple purpose:

To Enable you to work more on your business while we work alongside you as you grow to understand more than just your numbers. We stand on 3 promises:

  1. We Free up your time - Giving you more free time and energy so you can focus on growing your business and spending time with family.

  2. We help you to increase your profit - We provide you with insights into your business. On-time, clear and concise reporting, tailored to suit your needs. All in a language you can understand!

  3. Enable you to gain control- Our services enable you to focus on your business, while we support you, with coaching and advice, empowering you to take control of your finances and your business.